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    Recommendation by User Joan, KL

    (It is my second bottle, I am restocking it in conjunction with the second promotion😂~)

    It is indeed a blessing~ I love the all-in-one concept so much! From toner, serum, moisturizer to primer, it’s all done in just one bottle, it is really convenient and time-saving! I can apply it on my face straight-away after cleansing. Furthermore, I can even use it around my eyes and on my neck! (It saves another cost for me, isn’t it?) It is definitely a plus point for this product!

    A must-have, time-saving skincare product for those who are lacking time. The Warabihada All-in-one Hydration Gel is definitely great value for money! 😍

    Apart from hydrating, the other highlight function of this product is the power to solve the issue of granulation and milia.💪

    I just want to give it a try at the beginning, as I wish to get rid of the granulation on my neck and the milia on my face. The barley component in this gel helps in accelerating skin metabolism rate to remove the milia on the skin surface while adjusting sebum and improving skin condition, relieving me from the trouble of having rough skin.

    As the weather is quite balmy☀️, I will normally put it into the refrigerator before I use it. The reason is to keep it cool to boost up the function of soothing and calming, cooling off my face, soothing my skin from the scorching sun, haha~


    Recommendation by User Joan, KL

    I have to say that, you will have a crush with this cleanser once you try it!❤️ (How can I not love it by experiencing the dense bubble spa and natural ingredients? Haha) 

    The clean and refreshing feeling is so indescribable. Highly recommended. You have to try it on your own to feel the power~ you will love it once you use it, I swear!

    After using it for a while, I realized that the number of blackheads and acne on my face have reduced tremendously! Especially on my nose and cheek area, which have been brighter, and the effect is obvious! (Happily spreading flowers around🎉)

    It is simply cost-saving! (I really have to emphasize on this!) You just have to dispense a tiny amount onto your palm, yes, as tiny as the size of a soybean, mix it with a little water and rub it by using the free bubble net, to work up a rich, creamy, smooth and dense lather~

    A big like for the absorption power of the bubbles.👍 The denser the lather, the more powerful it is in deep cleansing and dirt absorption!

    I was reluctant when I came across the price in the first place. After I did some researches, it seems like everyone is giving it a positive review, thus, I grabbed it for myself during the Buy-Two-Get-One-Free promotion! (Churacos promotion is always a good bargain) Of course, I will never regret this, haha.


    Recommendations by Celebrities, Joannejojobi

    During my trip to Langkawi last week, I brought together Churacos natural skincare products from Okinawa, Japan.🌿

    Other than applying skincare products frequently on ordinary days, regular exfoliation is very important as well. Irujyurasa Okinawa Sea Mud Whitening Cleansing Milk from is one of the best-sellers from time to time. With Okinawa sea mud that can deeply remove excessive oil sebum and dirt, it gives you fresh and supple skin. Apart from the face, it can be used on all body parts, for example, the elbows, arms, knees, neck, heels, and underarms which are always easily covered with dead skin cells.  ☁️

    So, wherever I travel, I will always have this one in my luggage, without any hesitation. One can replace all, easy and space-saving!


    Recommendation by User Joan, KL

    Highly recommended! Super recommended! This is the best, easiest, favorite mud mask that I have been using! ❤️

    The Ouhinohakuju Whitepearl of Princess Moisturizing Mud Mask’s whitening function makes my skin fairer and glowing, plus their all-in-one function which includes hydrating, whitening and acne-removal.

    After the first use of the mask, my boyfriend exclaimed that my skin became fairer. I don’t believe what he says because I thought he must be trying to make me happy, but when I look into the mirror, I am shocked that I really look fairer, brighter, and glower! I never know that it is so effective! My skin is much cleaner, fairer, and glowing. I never imagined my bare face can be this bright! 😍Did I forget to say that my boyfriend said he would like to give it a try too? 😂😂  

    Moisturizing in natural ingredients + Super easy applying methods + No more cakey makeup

    I have been using Ouhinohakuju Whitepearl of Princess Moisturizing Mud Mask for nearly one month. It is my daily skincare product, not only for skin whitening, but it can also deep cleanse my pores. I can feel that my skin condition is improving day by day, my face has become smoother, fairer, and hydrated. I start to love my bare face, even become more confident in taking pictures.😊

    It is a blessing to know about Ouhinohakuju Whitepearl of Princess Moisturizing Mud Mask.


    Recommendations by Celebrities, Joannejojobi

    During my trip to Langkawi last week, I brought together Churacos natural skincare products from Okinawa, Japan.🌿

    I love Neo Warabihada All-in-one Age Reversing Hydration Gel incredibly. It replaces my toner, lotion, or even eye cream.

    Neo Warabihada All-in-one Age Reversing Hydration Gel focuses on the function of reducing wrinkles and blemishes, solving the issue of uneven skin tone.

    After I came back from Langkawi, my face was red and burning due to long hours of exposure under the sun. I love the way Neo Warabihada All-in-one Age Reversing Hydration Gel works. It soothes and cools down my skin after applying it on my face. The texture is fresh and non-sticky. Just a little amount of it is sufficient for my whole face. It can be fully absorbed with a gentle face massage. It is mild and hydrating, keeping my skin fresh and soft for the whole day! 💧


    Recommendations by Celebrities, Jessica

    I'm wearing the smile that gave me 😁

    I've been using the【CHURAMOUTH】 Tooth Whitening Gel for 2 weeks and so pleased to see my teeth is getting whiter & whiter😱💗

    Made in Japan, this product helps to absorb dirt, separates it from the teeth, and removes them. Simultaneously, it also prevents dirt from attaching itself on the teeth again while not harming the teeth. Not only that, it also prevents bad breath & tooth decay 🦷
    I use it 2 times a day, and it can replace your usual toothpaste!

    You can buy CHURACOS products on Shopee ! Even better, get exclusive discount by using my promo code on their official web store!