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Recommendations by Professionals and Celebrities

Online Streamer, Zhang Yu
Me time is such an important thing during babysitting! 😅

I always think that getting a good facial is always the first step to pamper and revitalize myself.

By looking at the bouncy and soft foam growing richer and bigger in my palm is so comforting. It is soft and creamy when I apply it on my face. Just a facial session like this makes me the happiest girl in the universe~ (dancing around). 

I love natural products. 

Japan Irujyurasa Okinawa Sea Mud Whitening Cleansing Milk is rich with Okinawa sea mud that can absorb dirt while reinstating your fair skin! It makes your skin fairer and softer. As it is a fully natural product, it is recommended to finish it within three months upon the seal open. Since it is natural, it is suitable for children too.

(Review after using it): Last time, I was suffering from milia, and uneven skin condition, even allergy after using some facial cleansers. 

After using Irujyurasa Okinawa Sea Mud Whitening Cleansing Milk, my skin condition is getting better and glowing! 

It is so refreshing that I can feel my pores breathing freely. Some troubles such as oily nose have been resolved, it really brightens up my life! 

Just a single use of it already makes me so enjoyable! Oh, how stressful can a mother be to get addicted to facial and cleansing?😂

KOL, Liang Zi Qi

A beauty magic from Okinawa

Summer is around the corner. (It’s time for some suntanned skin!)

Recently, I keep going outdoors because the weather is so good.⛰️

Another thing is, I just came back from hiking one of the 100 peaks of Taiwan – the QiLai Mt., which exposed me under the sunlight for long hours.🌞

The long exposure under the sun’s UV rays on the peak of the mountain is causing serious damages to our skin.

To have long-lasting hydrating and strengthen the skin barrier are two important things to take note of in this situation.

Thank god I have Warabihada All-in-one Hydration Gel!

The key ingredients of it are all locally extracted from Okinawa.🌿

It is an all-in-one product that is applicable to the full body.

Applying it on the face after face cleansing is so simple and easy.

(Not to forget your neck area, you can apply more on the area that you care about)💚

The texture is very similar to jelly, sometimes it makes me want to give it a bite.😋

The key ingredients of this product include:


🍋Shikuwasa extract (Extracted locally from Okinawa. Nobiletin and Tangeretin for glowing skin)

🍒Aloe, Bay leaf, Malpighia emarginata, Loofah, Okra

🌾Barley extract (softens skin and skin tags)

💫EGF (Growth factors discovered by the biochemists. It helps to discharge old dead cells while rejuvenating the skin.)

🍼Placenta extract (Strengthen the metabolism rate of the skin, moisturizing and soften the skin)

🥣Swiftlet nest extract (Tighten the skin)

I can feel that my skin is so tight and youthful after applying the gel. It never fails to provide me suntanned, youthful, baby skin.

Apart from consuming more water and consistency in exercise to improve body metabolism rate, skincare products are equally essential to maintain and protect our skin. 

With multiple protections, we can own baby skin, which makes us younger than our actual age. 😘

Recommended to those who wish to have fair skin, suntanned skin, and even those who want to protect their skin~


Artist, Elin

The age of a tree is identified by the rings but if you are to judge the age of a woman, you should look at the wrinkles.

Time is unmerciful. We have to take good care of our skin but to simply apply stuff that we have no confidence on our face is really disgusting.

The worst-case when the skincare product is not suitable for us, it will cause skin allergy which can be very troublesome. 

Let me introduce a trusted skincare product that I have been using recently --- Neo Warabihada All-in-one Age Reversing Hydration Gel.

What is so powerful about it, is the function of all-in-one in this small bottle of skincare!

You can now forget about all those complicated skincare routines and expensive products.

It is very handy for travel. I will always have it with me especially when I need to stay overnight for my shooting and work session. 💕

It is non-sticky and very refreshing.

As you know, my skin is very sensitive. So, now, I have it tested for you all that it causes no allergies after using it!

It is an extra cost saving too, just a little amount of it, yes, as little as the tiny knuckle of my finger is sufficient for my whole face. Apart from the face and neck, you can use it in other areas too, such as the elbow and knees, which can easily get rough.

It is ok that the time is unmerciful, with this simple skincare routine, you can easily hide your age away~


Artist, Huang Zhen Ni

After my face cleansing routine, I put on a layer of this whitening and moisturizing mud mask on my face immediately. All it takes is just 5 minutes.

The first time after I washed off the mud mask, I was really surprised that my skin is fair as I have applied the foundation. 

As every attempt may improve or boost up my current skin condition, I have decided Never! Ever! To! Be! Lazy again!

Everyday despite the morning or the night, I will put on the mud mask and treat it as part of my daily skincare routine.

After 3 to 4 days of continuously using the mask, my face becomes smoother and tenderer!

The dryness condition of my skin had significantly improved.💖💧👏🏼

My skin hydration is getting much better!!!

❤️It turns out that all the skin issues that I encountered are because I am having dry skin conditions. The moment I wash off the mud mask, it instantly moisturizes and whiten my skin.


Sunshine Kelly

As you know I'm a regular coffee and tea drinker, over the time it cause my teeth to become yellowish. I believe many of you have problems with yellow teeth and bad breath too. 😱😱
Fret not, check out my video how 【CHURAMOUTH】Medical Tooth Whitening Gel helps to brighten your teeth, maintain healthy gum, and breath! 🤩🤩
🌿Uses mild malic acid, PAA, and Vit C to remove dirt from teeth
🎈Suitable for sensitive teeth
💧No abrasives, bleaching agent & preservative
⭐Strongly recommended by Japanese dentist

谢承伟 rickmanchia


朋友就推荐我试用这 #Churacos亮白美齿凝露
别小看这 #美齿小蓝瓶,它可以让你不用照灯的情况下牙齿变亮白!
每天早晚使用2次,一段时间后,原本的 #黄牙越用越亮白
含有PAA聚天冬氨酸钠的高分子胺基酸,让一般牙膏无法去除的 #牙齿污垢浮出表面、剥落去除。
连日本牙医师都强力推荐👍 还得到日本cosme排行第一名!

Jane 黄明慧


我特别爱笑,所以牙齿美白对我来说挺重要的 ❤️
不然笑起来牙黄黄,感觉脏脏的很不礼貌 😅


我用过美白贴片,但牙齿变得敏感,吃东西会酸酸的,我就立马停用了…… 这次敢敢试用这『#美齿小蓝瓶』,是因为日本牙医师都推荐使用,而且日本 @cosme也是排行第一名🏆,评价极高!💁‍♀️

当然我也看了成分才安心使用的,PAA聚天冬氨酸钠的高分子氨基酸、苹果酸等,能够让 #牙膏都没办法去除的牙垢轻松脱落

它没有任何化学添加,也不含研磨剂,可以让我很温和地清洁我的牙齿,每天使用也 #不会伤害牙齿,用了之后还改善了我的口气,早上起床多加了几分自信美😘

口腔的卫生很重要,一生人就那么两排牙齿,一定要好好照顾啊!在家也能轻松美白牙齿😬 刷牙前多这半管,就OK了👌


黄黄的牙齿😨 No Way👉
真的很喜欢它,因为 #不用贴片照灯牙齿也能轻松亮白!
Churacos美齿凝露 还可以预防口臭、牙周病、牙龈发炎及蛀牙等!

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