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Recommendations by Professionals and Celebrities

Online Streamer, Zhang Yu
Me time is such an important thing during babysitting! 😅

I always think that getting a good facial is always the first step to pamper and revitalize myself.

By looking at the bouncy and soft foam growing richer and bigger in my palm is so comforting. It is soft and creamy when I apply it on my face. Just a facial session like this makes me the happiest girl in the universe~ (dancing around). 

I love natural products. 

Japan Irujyurasa Okinawa Sea Mud Whitening Cleansing Milk is rich with Okinawa sea mud that can absorb dirt while reinstating your fair skin! It makes your skin fairer and softer. As it is a fully natural product, it is recommended to finish it within three months upon the seal open. Since it is natural, it is suitable for children too.

(Review after using it): Last time, I was suffering from milia, and uneven skin condition, even allergy after using some facial cleansers. 

After using Irujyurasa Okinawa Sea Mud Whitening Cleansing Milk, my skin condition is getting better and glowing! 

It is so refreshing that I can feel my pores breathing freely. Some troubles such as oily nose have been resolved, it really brightens up my life! 

Just a single use of it already makes me so enjoyable! Oh, how stressful can a mother be to get addicted to facial and cleansing?😂

KOL, Liang Zi Qi

A beauty magic from Okinawa

Summer is around the corner. (It’s time for some suntanned skin!)

Recently, I keep going outdoors because the weather is so good.⛰️

Another thing is, I just came back from hiking one of the 100 peaks of Taiwan – the QiLai Mt., which exposed me under the sunlight for long hours.🌞

The long exposure under the sun’s UV rays on the peak of the mountain is causing serious damages to our skin.

To have long-lasting hydrating and strengthen the skin barrier are two important things to take note of in this situation.

Thank god I have Warabihada All-in-one Hydration Gel!

The key ingredients of it are all locally extracted from Okinawa.🌿

It is an all-in-one product that is applicable to the full body.

Applying it on the face after face cleansing is so simple and easy.

(Not to forget your neck area, you can apply more on the area that you care about)💚

The texture is very similar to jelly, sometimes it makes me want to give it a bite.😋

The key ingredients of this product include:


🍋Shikuwasa extract (Extracted locally from Okinawa. Nobiletin and Tangeretin for glowing skin)

🍒Aloe, Bay leaf, Malpighia emarginata, Loofah, Okra

🌾Barley extract (softens skin and skin tags)

💫EGF (Growth factors discovered by the biochemists. It helps to discharge old dead cells while rejuvenating the skin.)

🍼Placenta extract (Strengthen the metabolism rate of the skin, moisturizing and soften the skin)

🥣Swiftlet nest extract (Tighten the skin)

I can feel that my skin is so tight and youthful after applying the gel. It never fails to provide me suntanned, youthful, baby skin.

Apart from consuming more water and consistency in exercise to improve body metabolism rate, skincare products are equally essential to maintain and protect our skin. 

With multiple protections, we can own baby skin, which makes us younger than our actual age. 😘

Recommended to those who wish to have fair skin, suntanned skin, and even those who want to protect their skin~


Artist, Elin

The age of a tree is identified by the rings but if you are to judge the age of a woman, you should look at the wrinkles.

Time is unmerciful. We have to take good care of our skin but to simply apply stuff that we have no confidence on our face is really disgusting.

The worst-case when the skincare product is not suitable for us, it will cause skin allergy which can be very troublesome. 

Let me introduce a trusted skincare product that I have been using recently --- Neo Warabihada All-in-one Age Reversing Hydration Gel.

What is so powerful about it, is the function of all-in-one in this small bottle of skincare!

You can now forget about all those complicated skincare routines and expensive products.

It is very handy for travel. I will always have it with me especially when I need to stay overnight for my shooting and work session. 💕

It is non-sticky and very refreshing.

As you know, my skin is very sensitive. So, now, I have it tested for you all that it causes no allergies after using it!

It is an extra cost saving too, just a little amount of it, yes, as little as the tiny knuckle of my finger is sufficient for my whole face. Apart from the face and neck, you can use it in other areas too, such as the elbow and knees, which can easily get rough.

It is ok that the time is unmerciful, with this simple skincare routine, you can easily hide your age away~


Artist, Huang Zhen Ni

After my face cleansing routine, I put on a layer of this whitening and moisturizing mud mask on my face immediately. All it takes is just 5 minutes.

The first time after I washed off the mud mask, I was really surprised that my skin is fair as I have applied the foundation. 

As every attempt may improve or boost up my current skin condition, I have decided Never! Ever! To! Be! Lazy again!

Everyday despite the morning or the night, I will put on the mud mask and treat it as part of my daily skincare routine.

After 3 to 4 days of continuously using the mask, my face becomes smoother and tenderer!

The dryness condition of my skin had significantly improved.💖💧👏🏼

My skin hydration is getting much better!!!

❤️It turns out that all the skin issues that I encountered are because I am having dry skin conditions. The moment I wash off the mud mask, it instantly moisturizes and whiten my skin.


Alicia Tan

Amazing Japanese Skincare 🇯🇵 ✨💧
Are you a big fan of natural skincare products too?
The Hydration All-In-One Gel is such a great multi-tasker that saves time, great for our humid weather & still able to hydrate, moisturize & improve skin’s texture!

Sometimes less is more🤍

✨Their products are all made from natural ingredients from Okinawa, and definitely sensitive-skin-friendly 😍




但其实皮肤粗糙的问题只要用对产品,拥有婴儿肌肤是可以实现的!这次给大家推荐我新发现!#解决皮肤粗糙的好物,而且 #一罐搞定

你没看错,因为它是All in One 全方位的水凝霜!它可以一次过取代Toner、Serum、Lotion,洗了脸之后我就只用它,没擦别的了,省了很多时间,非常方便。简化保养,也减少肌肤的负担。

一开始是被它「#抚平肌肤颗粒感」的功效给吸引而下手。刚收到产品的时候还觉得这么小一罐,一定很快用完,但原来它是浓稠的凝胶质地,一次只取一点点就可以涂抹整脸和颈部。而且质地非常清爽,不油腻,好吸收。#用了会上瘾!一点都不夸张,我甚至偶尔还会当作面膜大量使用,因为抹在脸上的感觉实在是太舒服了 !

用了Churacos两个星期后,除了感受到满满保水力,肌肤摸起来 #比去角质之后还滑嫩。看看我使用前后的对比照,可以发现我较粗糙暗沉的鼻翼和眼周平滑了许多。下巴豆印甚至还淡化消失了。原本干燥看起来气色相当不好,现在肌肤喝饱水了也更显弹性与透亮。

来自日本冲绳的Churacos,含有很厉害的薏米种子,可以代谢老废角质,帮助软化及抚平脸部、颈项还有胸前的粗糙颗粒。即便 #不镭射也能无痛消油粒,神奇呢!

Churacos在2019年还荣获保养品界的Oscar奖--Monde Selection银奖。真心觉得Churacos All In One Gel擦起来特别凉爽舒服,满满的保湿力,#滑滑的Baby Skin,一定要推荐给大家!现在不用飞到日本,马来西亚就买得到了

Kelly Chan

眼周油粒也能无痛消除!幼美Baby Skin一次实现😱


谢谢 @hawooostyle 让我遇到这产品。开始使用就在想这gel一定又是黏黏的,可是刚上脸会,很神奇的是很快就被吸收了满满的保湿力让后续上妆也更服帖、更持久噢!
👉 1罐 可取代Toner, Serum, & Lotion
✅ 简化保养 All in One,减少肌肤无谓的负担更省时省力省钱

✅ 因为它除了有薏米种子抚平颗粒感还添加冲绳的芦荟及荷荷巴种子油:
✅ 添加EGF生长因子诺贝尔奖认证抗老成分修护受损细胞帮助老废物排出,让肌肤新生!

👏2019年荣获保养品界的Oscar奖-Monde Selection银奖
👏Made in日本冲绳,

Hong Su Yan

眼周油粒也能无痛消除‼️幼美BABY SKIN一次实现 😍

Churacos幼美肌全方位保湿水凝霜【简称All In One Gel】✨

我的脸常常会有油粒的出现超烦人的!我用了这个产品大概2周后明显我的油粒已经消除了!不用雷射也能无痛消油粒! 超神奇!它是来自日本冲绳的薏米种子它可以代谢老废角质,有效软化并抚平眼周油粒,还有脸部、颈部、胸前的粗糙顆粒,让肌肤变光滑!这个是绝对懒人的必备!因为这一罐可以取代Toner、Serum、Lotion了!ALL IN ONE!减少肌肤无谓的负担, 更省时省力省钱!它的质地是水凝Gel!刚上脸会感觉是粘腻的,但很神奇的是很快就被吸收了!超强的保湿!涂了后上妆也更服帖、更持久!除了有薏米种子,还添加日本冲绳的芦荟及荷荷巴种子油!这些成分都是帮助更好吸收和提升肌肤保湿度!我用了后肌肤真的不干燥不泛油!让我的肌肤弹性与透亮!我最喜欢的一点是它们原料都是100%全天然所以敏感肌也可以适用!

Ong Shu Wen

眼周油粒也能无痛消除!幼美Baby Skin一次实现✨

Churacos 幼美肌全方位保湿水凝霜(All In One Gel) 能有效地去除油粒, 1罐取代Toner、Serum和Lotion。减少肌肤无谓的负担, 更省时省力省钱。


源自冲绳的薏米种子可以代谢老废角质,软化并抚平眼周、颈部、胸前的油粒和粗糙 顆粒,让肌肤变光滑。 芦荟及荷荷巴种子油也让皮肤更好吸收,提升保水力以达到油水平衡,让肌肤不干燥不泛油。

🌟2019年荣获保养品界的Oscar奖- Monde Selection银奖
🌟Made in日本冲绳 & 原料100%在地全天然,敏感肌也适用


眼周油粒也能无痛消除! 幼美Baby Skin一次实现!你是否有肌肤粗糙、油粒问题?那你的救星来了🤩 的全方位保湿水凝霜(All In One Gel)、正是因能改善肌肤粗糙而备受欢迎。重点是不用雷射也能无痛消油粒!

源自冲绳的薏米种子:可以代谢 老废角质,有效软化并抚平眼周、颈部、胸前的油粒和粗糙 顆粒,让肌肤变光滑💡

自从用了All In One Gel 后明显改善了我鼻翼两侧的油粒困扰。我的使用方法:洗脸后,涂上化妆水,再涂这个凝露。


眼周油粒也能无痛消除! 幼美Baby Skin一次实现 🙆🏻‍♀️💕

Churacos 幼美肌全方位保湿水凝霜(简称All In One Gel) 🉑️替toner, serum & moisturiser。直接用这款all in one gel☑️
面对粗糙颗粒感或油粒?不用担心😍 因为不用雷射也能无痛消油粒!

🟢源自冲绳的薏米种子: 可以代谢 老废角质,有效软化并抚平眼周、颈部、胸前的油粒和粗糙 顆粒,让肌肤变光滑

⚪️我目前用了 保湿水凝霜觉得感觉皮肤提亮和滑了很多👍🏻 水凝Gel的质地 ,吸收非常快!AMAZING✌🏻✨ 一开始用还担心会不够保湿毕竟skip了toner等等,我白担心了!因为OMG。。。这个保湿度刚刚好!

🥈2019年荣获保养品界的Oscar奖-Monde Selection银奖
🇯🇵 Made in日本冲绳, 原料100%在地全天然,敏感肌也适用。这就是冲绳女孩幼美肌的秘决

Angeline Cash


【Churacos All In One Gel】
Toner、Serum、Lotion,简化保养All In One,减少肌肤无谓的负担, 更省时省力省钱。

它不用雷射也能无痛消油粒。源自冲绳的薏米种子:可以代谢 老废角质,有效软化并抚平眼周、颈部、胸前的油粒和粗糙 顆粒,让肌肤变光滑💖


我的脸是属于混合机 而且T字部位会爆出油粒 我又很懒惰 也不知道怎么处理 😞收到了幼美肌全方位水凝霜后 我的懒人护肤有救了!😂

. 的幼美肌是全方位保湿水凝霜 也称为 All in One Gel 它不仅拥有去油粒的作用 还可以代替平时的保养三步骤 Toner,Serum,Lotion 让皮肤水水滴💦💦
. 擁有了源自冲绳的薏米种子& 芦荟及荷荷巴种子油
✨ 软化脸部、颈部、 胸前的粗糙顆粒
✨ 让肌肤变光滑更好吸收
✨ 提升肌肤保水力,达到油水平衡


最近长期戴着口罩 造成脸上出现了油粒的问题 幸好有了这个—— Churacos All in One Gel 一罐能取代你所有的Toner, Serum & Lotion 💧

✨提升肌肤保水力 达到油水平衡

Antonia Enee

一直很想尝试他们家的产品 🥺

这次终于有了这机会试用来自 @hawooostyle 冰冰凉凉的的 All In One Gel!

@hawoostyle 推荐的 Churacos 幼美肌全方位保湿水凝霜除了有薏米种子抚平颗粒感, 还添加冲绳的芦荟及荷荷巴种子油 让皮肤更好吸收 😍

而 Churacos 也可以帮助提升肌肤保水力, 让肌肤不干燥不泛油, 更显肌肤弹性与 bling bling 透亮! ✨

Testimonials by Japanese Users