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Return Policy

Return and Exchange Instructions

Please take a photo and record an unboxing video immediately as the proof and contact the customer service within the seven-day appreciation period. The customer service staff will assist you in the replacement.

If the following conditions are met, the customer service staff will arrange the return, exchange or refund for you shortly:

1. The packaging of the goods was damaged during the delivery process.

2. The product is obviously defective or damaged at the time of unpacking.

3. The product received does not match the order.

Q. What should I pay attention to when dealing with returns?

The returned goods must be kept intact. All goods, gifts, accessories, packaging, and accompanying documents must be returned together to ensure your rights to receive a refund or return.

If there is a defective item or an incorrect item within the same order, whether you need to arrange for a pickup or an exchange, you can only choose one address for the process.

If the product is either defective, damaged due to the shipping process, or not in accordance with the placed order, please take a photo and record an unboxing video of the product within 2 hours after receiving it and contact our customer service immediately. Please retain the original condition of the product to enable a smooth arrangement for return or exchange.

Returns and exchanges are not possible after the seven-day appreciation period.

◎ Please ensure that the product is kept in its original state to facilitate the following return or exchange.

Return method:

1. Pack the product along with the receipt and send it back.

2. Please provide your name and contact number that was used for the transaction. Once the product has been verified as unopened or undamaged, the amount will be returned to your CHURACOS store credit which you may use it for the next purchase.

3. We hope that you can explain briefly the reason for return so that CHURACOS can improve in the future.

About product returning and

the seven-day appreciation period

Applications for returns will only be accepted if the product itself is defective or damaged due to the shipping process. Non-product defects will not be accepted as a reason for returns or exchanges. Please consider carefully and ask us if you have doubts before placing an order! Please understand that we will not be able to process your application for returns or exchanges once the products have been unpacked, or have been through label removal, improper use, and deterioration due to poor storage.

CHURACOS values our customer’s needs and service quality. If the product is really defective, damaged or incomplete, and there is a need for returns/exchanges, please ensure the completeness of the product itself, the gifts, internal and external packaging, receipt, and all attached documents or information. Please ensure that there are no omissions or damages, otherwise the return application will not be accepted.