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CHURACOS not only strives to enhance your beauty, we also want you to feel at ease. We have compiled some frequently asked questions for your reference.

Irujyurasa Okinawa Sea Mud Whitening Cleansing Milk

Q:How long does it take for the effect to be seen?

A:The effect varies from person to person, but you can feel the increased translucency in the skin immediately after cleansing the face. It contains Okinawa sea mud (clay-like mud deposited by corals and seaweed), so it removes dirt and old cuticles. You can thus feel the translucency and brightness of the skin after cleansing the face. We have received a lot of feedback from users that their skin has become more translucent and even.


Q:Can it be used by children?

A:It can be used safely by children because there are no strong stimulating ingredients in the product. Please be careful not to contact the eyes. If the skin condition is very poor, or if you are worried about inflammation, please consult a specialist before use.


Q:What is the appropriate time to use it?

A:It can be used at any time of the day. Most people use it in the morning and at night.


Q:How long can the product be stored?

A:It can be stored for 3 years unopened. Please use it within 3 months after opening.


Q:Can it be used to remove makeup?

A:It can be used to remove make-up base or light makeup. However, it is suggested to first remove eye makeup, colour face makeup and waterproof makeup base with makeup remover before using this product.