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CHURACOS not only strives to enhance your beauty, we also want you to feel at ease. We have compiled some frequently asked questions for your reference.

Warabihada All-in-one Hydration Gel 

Q:Will it work immediately?

A:Most users feel changes in the skin immediately, though there will be some differences depending on the skin condition and usage of each individual. Warabihada aims to normalize metabolism of the skin and readjust the skin condition into its optimum state, resulting in beautiful and healthy skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use the product continuously for more than 3 months for healthy skin restoration that brings noticeable changes to the skin.


Q:Is it only applicable on the face and neck?

A:It can be applied on other parts of the body. It is also highly recommended to be used on parts with rough skin or dull areas.


Q:What is the amount that should be used each time? At what time should it be used?

A:The amount of usage depends on each individual, but please start from the size of a rice grain and increase gradually. In addition, it is recommended to be used after cleansing the face in the morning and at night for best results.


Q:How long would one container of gel last?

A:If it is used twice a day, in the day and at night, you will probably use two containers in a month, but it might be slightly different for each person depending on personal habits.


Q:Is there an expiration date?

A:Yes. An unopened and properly stored container will be able to last for three years. It might deteriorate under high temperature, high humidity, or direct sunlight. In addition, please finish it as soon as possible after opening. Avoid placing it in areas with high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.


Q:Can this product be used with other skin care products?

A:Yes. When using it with other skin care products, please use products of a compatible nature. However, please do not mix it physically with other products. This is an all-in-one product. It does not need to be used with other products. If you are used to using toner or essence, it is recommended to use essence after the toner has been fully absorbed, and then apply Warabihada in the end, but it is recommended by CHURACOS to try using Warabihada only in the beginning, and then add on other products gradually only if you feel that the skin is not moisturized enough, to avoid causing too much burden on the skin.


Q:When using the product, it feels like I am exfoliating the face to remove dead skin, is this a normal way of using it?

A:In order to create a gel texture, ingredients that expands the outer membrane are added into the Warabihada All-in-one Hydration Gel. When used during massaged, the ingredients will be rubbed repeatedly, producing heat which will dry the gel. This causes the crystallized gel to peel off which does not affect the skin.

When applying skin products, the effect will not be enhanced by rubbing it too hard and it might even damage the skin instead. It is thus recommended to apply it evenly on the skin and press gently to allow absorption into the skin.