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CHURACOS not only strives to enhance your beauty, we also want you to feel at ease. We have compiled some frequently asked questions for your reference.

Churatooth Whitening Gel

Q:Will my teeth really be whitened?

A:Yes, whitening effect can be anticipated from continuous use although the degree of the effect varies from person to person.


Q: Will my teeth change to its original color again if I stop using the product?

A:Unfortunately, the dirt on the teeth will accumulate over time. Therefore, it is suggested to use it continuously to maintain the whiteness of the teeth.


Q:How many times do I have to use it per day?

A:Please use it 1-3 times per day. One bottle can be used for one month approximately.


Q:Can I use it with an electric toothbrush?

A:Yes, they are highly compatible, it is suggested to use the product with an electric toothbrush.


Q:Can I use it during pregnancy?

A:There is no problem in theory. If you are very concerned, please consult a doctor before use.


Q:Can it replace the toothpaste that I am using now?

A:Yes. Ordinary toothpaste can be replaced by Churatooth Whitening Gel.


Q:How long does it take for the teeth to turn white?    

A:The length of time required for each individual to feel the actual differences varies depending on the frequency of usage, the degree of tooth discoloration, and the type or tartar. It is suggested to use it continuously for more than one month to achieve more effective results.


Q:How is it different from ordinary whitening toothpaste?

A:While most teeth whitening products use abrasives to remove dirt on the surface of the teeth, Churatooth Whitening Gel does not contain abrasives. It only absorbs dirt, separates it from the teeth, and removes them. It prevents dirt from attaching itself on the teeth again while not harming the teeth, thus it is suggested for long-term use.


Q:Can it be used by children?

A:Although Churatooth Whitening Gel is a less aggressive prescription, it contains alcohol, hence it is not recommended for children under six years old.