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Corporate Philosophy

Business Philosophy

From Okinawa, Japan to the World.

A century-old company where each

employee strives to create growth and

happiness for the society.


Corporate Mission

From Okinawa to the world. To bring impressive products and services to the world


Corporate Vision

From Okinawa to the world. To create a future with happiness and growth for the company, the employees, and the society through beauty and health.


Business Creed

Simplify Complexity

Refrain from complicating tasks, simplicity is best.


Acceptance and Respect

Respect the personality of each member and believe in everyone’s potential to shape the future together.


Calm and Collected when Encountering Challenges

What is bound to happen will happen, calmly accept challenges with gratitude.



Excel with careful, intentional thinking and persistence “First, try courageously”, “Second, do your very best”, “Third, never give up lightly”.


Imagination Unobstructed by Existing Concepts

Outdo the others with courage and creativity.


Stable Long-term Communication

Establish long-term communication among people.


Prioritizing Cooperation, Coexistence and Transparency over Competition

Business opportunities will not be missed with an open mind.


“Try your best to succeed

even if there is only a 1% chance”


President’s message:


Never give up,

persevere until the end,

where there is crisis there is opportunity.



The key to achieving goals and dreams is that “when you feel like giving up”, you miraculously encounter an opportunity that allows you to proceed. Everyone could grow and create the future, and I profoundly realize that people grow due to drastic changes in their environment. With no fear of failure and hardships, CHURACOS takes up new challenges willingly in order to meet partners who would create the future together with us. Failure is the mother of success. We respond to the ever-changing society with flexible mindsets and extraordinary creativity, meeting partners who would share our problems and responsibilities, and work together to present thoughtful cosmetics from Okinawa to the world.