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2 weeks later…

I am still loving this Warabihada All-in-One Gel after using it for 2 weeks. The lightweight refreshing gel texture has a calming effect on my sensitive skin and indeed did help to tighten my pores. The milia around my eyes seem to have some slight improvement too. Warabihada also leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each time I use it. Would definitely love to continue using it.

Review after First/Second try:

Received Warabihada 30 Day Trial set from and tried it for the first time today. According to the website, Warabihada is an all round skincare suitable for all skin types. It uses swiftlet nest extract and natural plant essences with gentle beauty formula produced under strict manufacturing quality control.

Initially, I was a bit skeptical about using this product as I didn’t quite like the smell when I first opened it (but is no longer there after the 2nd try) The moment I applied it on my skin, I could feel the effect instantly. It was soothing and moisturizing with a firming effect. The gel-like texture is easily absorbed and non greasy. My dull skin also looks brighter. Overall, I like how it feels on my skin so far. I feel more confident about using Warabihada and will continue to observe my skin for the next one to two weeks. Thank you for sending these over.

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Warabihada All-in-One Hydration Gel

Warabihada contains meticulously selected ingredients from Okinawa including barley extract which penetrates deeply to moisturize skin.


How to Use Warabihada?

  • Use daily after removing makeup and cleansing.
  • Take the amount of the size of a cherry and apply on forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw and neck.
  • Gently and evenly spread the product all over the face.
  • You can also use it for the eye area, neck or other area with rough and dry skin.
  • Attention: Stop using if any abnormalities occur and please consult with your doctor.
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berrypistachios Reviews Churacos Warabihada