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immrslee_ Reviews Churacos Warabihada (2)

Anna C’s Review 

My current go to skincare, day and night:
Churacos Warabihada, a natural skincare from Okinawa Japan

It is an all in one gel, designed for lazy women like me on days I feel tired to apply layers of skincare, yet I still want the best care for my skin, this is my go to skincare. It is a toner, serum, moisturiser, mask and essence to me.

Fragrance free, but feels sticky upon initial application (I thought).HOWEVER, the sticky-ness disappears magically within a short while after application on my face! So I’m not gonna judge it by that first impression.

Noticed that my oily skin, especially t-zone oiliness, is no longer oily anymore. And after the gel gets absorbed into my skin, it has a matt finish without the skin feeling tight. My skin feels soft like baby skin! In this humid climate in Malaysia, this gel is great as it keeps my face feeling clean and doesn’t cause the kind of oxidation which makes the face oily to touch.

The Warabihada gel is formulated using local Japan ingredients such as:
• Aloe Vera Essence
• Okra Essence
• Luffa Essence
• Acerola Essence
• Pearl Barley Seed Essence
• Citrus Depressa Fruit Essence
• Alpinia Speciosa Leaf Essence

Providing hydration to the skin, restores skin elasticity, gives radiance to the skin, increases skin metabolism and many more!

Warabihada All-in-One Hydration Gel

Warabihada contains meticulously selected ingredients from Okinawa including barley extract which penetrates deeply to moisturize skin.

How to Use Warabihada?

  • Use daily after removing makeup and cleansing.
  • Take the amount of the size of a cherry and apply on forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw and neck.
  • Gently and evenly spread the product all over the face.
  • You can also use it for the eye area, neck or other area with rough and dry skin.
  • Attention: Stop using if any abnormalities occur and please consult with your doctor. 
immrslee_ Reviews Churacos Warabihada (2)
immrslee_ Reviews Churacos Warabihada (2)