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Xinyi Reviews Churacos Warabihada

imxinyiii’s Review 

Thank you @churacos_my for sending over the Warabihada hydration gel. 

My skin feels brighter and radiant after using for 2 weeks! It absorbs well, doesn’t feel sticky and my skin is glowing. It helps boost of circulation for a youthful and healthy skin. 

Check them out for more information on the product.

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Warabihada All-in-One Hydration Gel

Warabihada contains meticulously selected ingredients from Okinawa including barley extract which penetrates deeply to moisturize skin.


How to Use Warabihada?

  • Use daily after removing makeup and cleansing.
  • Take the amount of the size of a cherry and apply on forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw and neck.
  • Gently and evenly spread the product all over the face.
  • You can also use it for the eye area, neck or other area with rough and dry skin.
  • Attention: Stop using if any abnormalities occur and please consult with your doctor.
Xinyi Reviews Churacos Warabihada
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