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Amazing Result from @jewcantseemi In just two weeks of time, Jew has improved her skin condition greatly by using #churacos #warabihada !

Honestly, we are really surprised by her fast result, since everyone’s condition is different, some may need more time to see the power of warabihada! Keep applying! And we hope more people can experience and enjoy our high quality products ❤️

Here is what Jew has to say:

I fell in love with Okinawa when I went there in 2018🥹 When reached out to me to review their products (they are an Okinawa-based cosmetics brand), I immediately said YES.

Made with all natural ingredients, Warabihada is gentle on my sensitive skin and helped me to manage my acne outbreaks when I was over in Hokkaido (together with my other skincare products). This gel worked the best in keeping my under-eyes moisturised and working through my milia seeds, which is one of my insecurities😵‍💫 Thank you Churacos once again🔥

Jewelyn see great improvement with her skin by using Churacos Warabihada (2)


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