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Sarah C reviews Warabihada (2)

Been seeing Warabihada in my ig pop up and decided to test it out!

It is a one step skincare All-in-One Gel from Okinawa, Japan.
Each bottle contains 6 types of skincare: toner, primer, serum, lotion, cream, and mask. Warabihada has won multiple international awards and had sold 2 million bottles worldwide!

It has a non oily or sticky texture that is very appropriate for our hot and humid weather, and it absorbs pretty quickly into my skin.

Made with natural and organic ingredients from Okinawa Japan and formulated with EGF, swiftlet nest extract, and equine placenta; it offers the best nourishment for our skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which is great for anti-aging!

If you’re into one step skincare like me (which all moms love!), do give Warabihada a try! 

Sarah C reviews Warabihada (2)