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Vivian Teo  ‘s Review 

Have been using Churacos’s Warabihada all-in-one gel for the past two weeks and loving how supple and moisturised my face feels after use!

This renowned, all-round skincare from Japan’s Okinawa not only moisturises, brightens and firms, it is also good for smoothing acne scars and removing milia. I have a few stubborn bumps around my eyes and it has since removed one spot, so I’ll be continuing with Warabihada on my problem areas including dark spots on my face.

Warabihada uses swiftlet nest extract, natural plant essences, 18 types of amino acid and Epidermal Growth Factor beauty ingredients which together, repairs skin, improves skin metabolism rate and provides nourishment. It also does not contain nasties like synthetic fragrances & colours, mineral oil and paraben.

Warabihada is available at here and shopping platforms including Shopee,  Lazada and Hawooo. Do check it out!

Warabihada All-in-One Hydration Gel

Warabihada contains meticulously selected ingredients from Okinawa including barley extract which penetrates deeply to moisturize skin.

How to Use Warabihada?

  • Use daily after removing makeup and cleansing.
  • Take the amount of the size of a cherry and apply on forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw and neck.
  • Gently and evenly spread the product all over the face.
  • You can also use it for the eye area, neck or other area with rough and dry skin.
  • Attention: Stop using if any abnormalities occur and please consult with your doctor.
vivianteowriter Reviews Churacos Warabihada
vivianteowriter Reviews Churacos Warabihada