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The Birth of CHURACOS

“Father’s company collapsed while carrying a ¥350 million loan

In the spring of 1997, when I was in my third year of secondary school, my father’s company went out of business while carrying a loan of 350 million JPY (RM14 million) due to the economic bubble, and we lived in poverty for a while. Many years later, the market in Okinawa became popular, and our family of six came to Okinawa, 

set up phones and computers at home and started selling local products from Okinawa online. This was the prototype of CHURACOS, which led to the CHURACOS today. Since then, we have expanded our operations into a company that produces, processes, and sells Okinawa agricultural products. The scale of our venture has grown gradually as we went through 15 years of becoming a recognized online retailer of local Okinawa products.

My mother, who is now 63 years old, was the one who has been supporting me through these ups and downs. As time went by, wrinkles and dark spots have increased on my mother’s face because she was too immersed in her work and had no time for skin care. Looking at my mother, my wish” to see my mother’s smile” drove me to launch our first product: the CHURACOS Irujyurasa Okinawa Sea Mud Whitening Cleansing Milk!

We have sold more than 800,000 packets of this product within the four years since it has been released, and we have now expanded our scope towards whitening-related products. The innocent wish “to see my mother’s smile” has now been transformed into thoughtful cosmetic products that make people shine, presented from Okinawa to the World!

—— President of CHURACOS Co. Ltd. ——

CHURACOS will continue to listen to the voice of our customers to allow them to feel the “texture, quality, function, and convenience “of the products directly.

The goal of the company is to provide products that would make customer exclaim: “I really want to have this!” or “It is amazing to have known this product!”