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CHURACOS not only strives to enhance your beauty, we also want you to feel at ease. We have compiled some frequently asked questions for your reference.

Neo Warabihada All-in-one Age Reversing Hydration Gel

Q:Can the effect be observed immediately?

A:Most customers feel changes immediately after using it, but the actual results vary depending on skin condition and usage of the individual. In addition, if we take the average metabolic cycle of the skin into consideration, it takes 55 days approximately for users of 40 years old, 75 days for users of 50 years old and 100 days for users of 60 years old. Natural ingredients in the product aim to achieve anti-wrinkle effects and restore the skin’s ability to regenerate, hence it is recommended to use it for at least three months. In fact, most of our customers have given us the feedback that satisfactory results were achieved after using the product for three months and above (For reference only, the actual effect varies from person to person).


Q:Can I use it on my face and neck?

A:It can also be used on other parts! In fact, there are many customers who use it on their elbows, ankles, and other parts of the body, and they had achieved great effects! Therefore, it is also recommended that you use it on body parts that you are concerned about.


Q:What is the amount that should be used each time? At what time should it be used?

A:The amount used by each person can vary based on personal habits. The suggested dosage is the size of a fingertip (approximately 1g). Use after washing the face in the morning and at night for best results.


Q:Is there an expiration date?

A:Yes. An unopened container will be able to last for three years, but please be careful not to store it under high temperature, high humidity, or direct sunlight. Please finish it as soon as possible after opening, and avoid exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.


Q:Can this product be used with other skin care products?

A:Yes, you can use this product along with other products, but please do not mix them together physically.